Sharing Artists Sharing - The Film

The City of Brisbane, California is a town of about 4,300 people, just south of San Francisco, nestled in San Bruno Mountain. It is also the home of a variety of talented and fascinating artists.

The 'Sharing Artists Sharing' 2012 Trailer closed the 2012 City of Brisbane, California's 'Art Sharing Evening' and portrayed several artists in their art and in their lives since the film project's inception in late 2009.

Watch the Sharing Artists Sharing 2012 Trailer

I plan to update this space frequently with fresh information about the artists, behinds the scenes of the making of the film, insights into the artists' work and the filmmaking process, so stay tuned!


-Keith Moreau


David Brown: Forward

For over 30 years, Brisbane documentary maker David Brown has enriched our lives with his illuminating films, and here he shares with Keith Moreau a brief journey into his life and work.

David Brown: Forward from Keith Moreau on Vimeo.


Leanne Borghesi: NYC 24/7

Take a journey with the amazing performer Leanne Borghesi as she takes us through a typical day of her life in New York City.

Leanne Borghesi: NYC 24/7 from Keith Moreau on Vimeo.


Jeff Cotton, "Sail"

Jeff Cotton has just released his debut record, "Never Touching Ground." Explore Jeff's passion for songwriting and music as we take a journey with Jeff and the recording of his brilliant song,"Sail."


JungHae Kim, "Snow Day"

JungHae Kim is known throughout the world as a brilliant harpsichordist, but few know about her other passion. Take an an amazing adventure with JungHae as she explores her instrument and her favorite sport.

JungHae Kim, "Snow Day" from Keith Moreau on Vimeo.


Kevin Fryer: Deliverance

For 33 years, Kevin Fryer has been hand-building harpsichords and delivering them to some of the world's finest musicians. Take a brief journey with Kevin as he delivers one of his masterpieces.


About the 2012 Trailer

I'm going to update this post with some of the behind the scenes of this trailer, but if you have any comments about the 2012 trailer, I'd love to hear them.


Beth Grossman - All The Rest Is Commentary

This is a short film Beth asked me to put together to be played at her showing of her recent work "All The Rest Is Commentary" at the Jewish Community Center in Beth's home town, Minneapolis, Minnesota, during the spring of 2011. Patrons viewed this as guide to what was behind her work "All The Rest Is Commentary" which has shown throughout the country and is documented in "Sharing Artists Sharing."


Hurricane Camille

The 2011 Brisbane Art Sharing Evening was kicked off with a new 'episode' in the film, "Hurricane Camille." Camille Salmon has been a driving force in the Artist's community of Brisbane, the head of Brisbane Dance Workshop. This excerpt from the upcoming film, Sharing Artists Sharing, showcases her and BDW with a behind-the-scenes look at her in her production,  "Kas Ka Ra."

3-5-2012 - Special Internet Viewing - In celebration of the Brisbane Art Sharing Evening on which happened Saturday, February 25, 2012 this video will be publicly viewable until the end of this month so watch it while you can!

Watch "Hurricane Camille"


-Keith Moreau


Sharing Artists Sharing 2010 Trailer

Introducing Sharing Artists Sharing - The Film

Produced by Keith Moreau and Sam Ellis Moreau, 'Sharing Artists Sharing' kicked off the 2010 City of Brisbane, California 'Art Sharing Evening' and served as an introduction to the talented artists who participated in the show.

'Sharing Artists Sharing' shows a brief glimpse into what motivates the artists, how they realize their art, and what keeps them going.

Over 30 Brisbane-based artists were interviewed and featured in this trailer and introduction, including filmmaker David Brown, participatory artist Beth Grossman, singer Amy Dondy, and photographer Mary Parisi, and is the basis for a full-length documentary currently in production.

Watch the 2010 Trailer